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Zutron Pharmaceuticals LTD Participates in MEDLAB 2023 in Dubai

The MedLab 2023, held this year in Dubai from February 6–8, 2023, was attended by Zutron Pharmaceuticals Ltd. This event provided a fantastic opportunity to network with numerous eminent healthcare companies and to learn about the newest developments and technologies that will influence medical practice.

The team from Zutron Pharmaceuticals Ltd. had the pleasure of meeting representatives from a number of illustrious businesses during the event, including Xinle, SB Bio Ltd., Advy Chemical Ltd., Trivitron Healthcare Africa, EKF Diagnostics, Diagreat, Boditech Med. Inc., Spectrum, etc. We are eager to share our perspectives on the goods and services that each of these companies has to offer because each has something special and worthwhile to offer.

An array of cutting-edge products, including sophisticated surgical instruments, diagnostic tools, and monitoring devices, were on display at the Xinle stand at the exhibition. Xinle is a top manufacturer of medical consumable products and is one of our cherished international partners. We were impressed with their team’s dedication to quality and innovation and found them to be very knowledgeable and personable.

With a focus on the creation of biotechnology goods and services, SB Bio Ltd.’s exposition booth was brimming with intriguing recent advancements in the fields of genomics and customized reagents. Their team was excited to share their findings and have in-depth conversations about how their goods might help our company.

Additionally, the team enjoyed meeting with representatives of Advy Chemical Ltd., a well-known provider of rapid diagnostic products. We were pleased by their team’s dedication to sustainability and ethical sourcing methods and how well-informed they were about the most recent trends and advances in the market.

Overall, the experience at the MedLab 2023 was tremendously valuable, and we are enthusiastic about the prospects for further cooperation with these and other cutting-edge healthcare businesses. We are confident that the knowledge and experience of these businesses may tremendously help our organization, and we are eager to explore new collaborations in the months and years to come.

We are dedicated to continuing to lead healthcare innovation, and we are enthusiastic about the prospects for growth and cooperation in the years to come.

Also present on the day was the Deputy Director, Quality Assurance at the Ghana Health Service (GHS), Dr Mary Ashinyo; she emphasized that the GHS was ready to partner with the Ghana Armed Forces to build the capacity of health workers of the hospital.

On our part as a sponsor of the week-long celebration, Zutron Pharmaceutical’s brand was heavily represented through the Polo Shirts used for the celebration. We used the opportunity to speak to them about the great benefits of our products, zeroing it down to colon infection and how it can be prevented by taking AyuLax to cleanse the colon and aid digestion.

In addition, the programme offered us the opportunity to engage over hundred (100) participants, mainly health professionals, about some products, especially the Welex brands (AyuVigo, AyuRhoids and AyuLax). Samples of the products were also distributed to the programme attendees, who were pleased to have received the products. A few sales were achieved, and others with specific cases of piles and constipation proposed to reach out after using the samples to get their sales packs.

The week climaxed with an award ceremony to reward Medical Wards in the 37 Military hospitals who strictly adhere to Infection Prevention Rules like Hand Washing, Sanitizing hands, regularly wearing a Nose and Face Mask etc.

The Zutron marketing team also shared the samples and flyers with the participants to experience the products first-hand.

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