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Zutron Pharmaceuticals LTD Wins Maiden Edition of Unity Games

The event, which was held at the beautiful Madina Astroturf, brought together seven renowned institutions in the healthcare industry. The institutions present were; DCL Laboratory Products Ltd/Zutron Pharmaceuticals Ltd (host), International Maritime Hospital (Imah), University of Ghana Medical Centre (UGMC), Trust Hospital, Ga East Hospital, University of Ghana Hospital and West Africa Centre for Cell…

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Zutron Partners 37 Military Hospital To Celebrate Wash-Ipc Week

T the annual International Infection Prevention Week was marked under the auspices of the 37 Military Hospital through its Public Health Department. International Infection Prevention Week is celebrated globally to emphasize the importance of infection prevention and control in healthcare facilities and our day-to-day activities.  This year’s theme for the celebration is The Future is…

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