About us

Who we are

Zutron Pharmaceuticals, established in 2012, is a leading and pre-eminent force in the pharmaceutical industry. Inaugurated in the USA, Zutron Pharmaceuticals has expeditiously established itself as a reputable and reliable pharmaceutical company. After years of expertise in this field, we have decided to push the boundaries and set up Zutron Pharmaceuticals in Ghana as well.

We are a wholesale and manufacturing company, determined to provide exceptional pharmaceutical products at reasonable prices. We prioritize our customers’ needs and demands by valuing their convenience, ease, and safety.

What we do

Our main activities includes the wholesale of pharmaceutical and laboratory products in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and Cote d’ Ivoire.

Considering the well-being of all Ghanaians, Zutron Pharmaceuticals is selective when choosing which drugs to bring to the African market. Thus, we have adopted health policies that are targeted at reducing the risk of chronic non-communicable diseases. These policies promote a healthy population by encouraging people to adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors.

We have laboratory products for diagnosis of diseases such as Hypertension, Hepatitis B and C, Diabetes, HIV, Cancer, Sickle Cell, just to name a few. We also distribute drugs that manage these diseases as well as Vaccine.

Facilities we have worked with

Our Partners